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Anfernee P. Profile Thumb

Anfernee P.

1 day ago

I enjoy my stay at Wolf Creek. The staff is very friendly and always help their residents with everything and always have smile on their faces.

Andrea R. Profile Thumb

Andrea R.

14 days ago

It’s a really nice place to live especially if you can get a apartment with friends! The only thing that would make it better is hard wood throughout the whole apartment.

Tyler S. Profile Thumb

Tyler S.

20 days ago

These apartments are some of the best that I’ve ever lived in and I love it here and it’s great and I have no complaints and I may or may not renew my lease

Andrew G. Profile Thumb

Andrew G.

1 month ago

Not sure if because of new employees or new management, but it seems like this year the place is much more friendly/safe as a community. It would be nice if they got some cameras or something to start charging fees for people littering around the place though. It's pretty sad half of maintenance's job is picking up trash every day.

Shardai B. Profile Thumb

Shardai B.

1 month ago

It’s very nice. My only issue is with the noise in my building. But overall the staff is nice and has great customer service. I’ll recommend anyone live here

Ricardo H. Profile Thumb

Ricardo H.

1 month ago

Wolf Creek is an awesome experience. I made good memories here. I threw Christmas and New Year parties. I had the best times with my roommates. This will be my fifth year here.

Jinda H. Profile Thumb

Jinda H.

1 month ago

I like my time here so far. The internet is good. The wifi is great. I appreciate your people's help. I don't know what's the price to have a pet in other places. but here I'm paying 30 bucks for the pet fee each month. it's kind of too much. Can we just get an option to pay a certain amount of money for one time and permanently get the right to have pet?