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Brianna E. Profile Thumb

Brianna E.

7 hours ago

Super nice and pretty clean. Don't really answer emails that often but they do answer the phone. They handle problems, if any, fairly quickly as well.

Cody H. Profile Thumb

Cody H.

17 hours ago

Parking is great. Spacious, comfortable bedroom/bathroom. There are drawbacks as well. The shared living area and kitchen are barely usable due to extremely messy roommates. At least they are nice people. Would probably give 5 stars, but with apartments like these, roommates are luck of the draw, and this can really kill the vibe of enjoying the space.

Paige C. Profile Thumb

Paige C.

1 day ago

Extremely ideal apartment complex. Spacious rooms with lots of amenities offer. As a college student it doesn’t get much closer to living on campus without having to actually do so. All for a very low price!

McKenzee M. Profile Thumb

McKenzee M.

3 days ago

It’s been good! The front office is always helpful and nice and I personally appreciate how our managers have enough respect for us as residents to not put crappy brochures on our vehicles before it rains like stadium view did :)

Andrea R. Profile Thumb

Andrea R.

6 days ago

It’s gotten a lot better since last year. The only 2 things I would to change is hard wood floor throughout the whole apartment, and if y’all could start making people walk their dogs on leashes that would be great!

Paige H. Profile Thumb

Paige H.

22 days ago

Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Grounds are well kept, and clubhouse/amenities are very nice. Hard to complain with this price point!

Sophia C. Profile Thumb

Sophia C.

23 days ago

I love all of the sidewalks that connect each building so I don't have to walk in the grass. But building 2 has a bad water issue behind the building that seems like it never goes away. I wish there were more places to sit out of the rain though.

Gillian G. Profile Thumb

Gillian G.

23 days ago

I love the staff! The apartment is a great size and the apartment was move in ready. I feel appreciated by the people and they are always so kind and helpful.