Xing G. Profile Thumb

Xing G.

19 hours ago

I like all the events especially grocery bingo. It’s a nice and calm environment for the most part. They are quick with the maintenance and the workers are nice and friendly.

Ronnicia M. Profile Thumb

Ronnicia M.

20 days ago

I like it here, I was a little iffy on renewing my lease at first because I got home sick. Instead I just went back home to the midwest, while still paying rent here. I came back & slept like a baby, its so quiet over here. Drama free & all, nice area to live in.

Jonathan A. Profile Thumb

Jonathan A.

20 days ago

My car got hit and there are no cameras, this made me pretty upset but other than that my apartment is find for the money I pay for it. No more no less.

Mengjiao H. Profile Thumb

Mengjiao H.

1 month ago

It is good. Everyone has thier own private bathroom. It is good for people who care about the privacy. So, it is a good place to live for college student

Leslie C. Profile Thumb

Leslie C.

1 month ago

The amount of trash (especially dangerous things like glass containers and chicken bones that dogs could eat) and dog poop in the grass areas is upsetting for a person that does their best to take care of where they live and that has a dog that we both have to avoid stepping in poop just to take a walk around the complex and make sure he doesn’t eat trash. Otherwise it’s quiet and the neighbors are pretty respectful of their noise.

Kenquavius F. Profile Thumb

Kenquavius F.

1 month ago

Wolf Creek Apartments has great affordable apartments that come with a great package. It includes free wifi 24 hour gym access, pool access, and also an outdoor basketball court free to play on anytime of the day. Wolf Creek also has excellent front office service.

Bria M. Profile Thumb

Bria M.

1 month ago

The staff is friendly and there are a lot of events to keep everyone entertained. I love that we can get notified when we have packages waiting on us in the leasing office.

Jean-Marc S. Profile Thumb

Jean-Marc S.

2 months ago

I really like the staff members and the accommodations that are provided. The sales for rent payments are super cool. I would recommend other to live here.