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11 hours ago

The people who living above my apartment are noisy. Sometime there were kids knocking our windows. That makes me a little bit annoyed. There should be a strict rule for all.

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19 hours ago

I live on the 2nd floor and the neighbors above me are very loud and smoke weed. The smell has run us out of our apartment a few times. We have reported them and one woman who lives in the room above us confronted my roommate and tried to blame us for the weed smell. Once my roommate proved that we couldn't be the ones smoking, the upstairs neighbor then tries to blame it on the people above her (which there is no one who lives above her because there isn't a 4th floor). I think she realized that everyone knew it was the people in her apartment smoking weed so she was trying to pass the blame.

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2 days ago

Not a bad experience here so far only with maintenance fixing stuff like a crackhead they fix it just for it to fall apart again quiet environment nice place to walk my dog!

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2 days ago

I love living here, the staff is very friendly and they always make sure residents are comfortable. I have been year over a year and it actually feels like home.

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4 days ago

Peaceful, and a beautiful community to be apart of! Staff are very genuine, caring, and take care of the residents whenever they have any issues.

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7 days ago

I love living here. The only thing I do not like is that the people that live above me are very noisy. They constantly are making noise. It sounds like they are like running. Other than that I do enjoy living here.

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19 days ago

I don’t stay at my house recently so I don’t really know but I think it’s going pretty well and it’s close to college which is good for me !