Thinh V. Profile Thumb

Thinh V.

10 hours ago

Nice neighbor, friendly staff and near school. Perhaps the facilities are sometimes broken because of long-term use, but they are still fixable. Overall I’m satisfied

Cyann A. Profile Thumb

Cyann A.

24 hours ago

Overall my experience has been good. It was a little bit rough with my first set of roommates but I like my new ones. Although the parking spots are never available for you in your assigned building.

Daiki I. Profile Thumb

Daiki I.

2 days ago

Overall it's been good. I've been living here for about 4 years. Service maintenance is done fairly quickly (1-2 business days). Facility is maintained well as well.

Alexis B. Profile Thumb

Alexis B.

4 days ago

Upper management is very attentive to resident concerns and obviously cannot help some of the issues with certain apartments. Some things could be better, but it is what it is for student housing.

Bria M. Profile Thumb

Bria M.

5 days ago

Everything was going well until the extra charges were added to the rent. The apartments aren’t even updated when they need to be. I’ve barely been home for the past month and I’m paying extra fees!!

Ricardo H. Profile Thumb

Ricardo H.

5 days ago

My resident experience has been awesome with Whitney and Matt managing manag apartments. They love me as a resident and I renewed my lease because I love this place. My first apartment complex where I paid on time rent for six years. Having to cook sleep and be independent is an awesome. feeling.

Daniel F. Profile Thumb

Daniel F.

12 days ago

Very calm and quiet, not at home very much but when I am it's nice. Nice green area and nice weather. Nice area not very dirty not very clean but nice

Justin P. Profile Thumb

Justin P.

26 days ago

The apartment and grounds are Beautiful and we’ll taken care of by an amazing staff; a quick, kind, and knowledgeable maintenance team; and skilled groundskeepers. While outside the grounds isn’t the greatest neighborhood, inside is peaceful and secure enough that even my wife can walk with me and be happy at night. My wife and kids love it here and “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.